Upcoming Events

▷ 2022-08-27

10 Years of Back2Back Records Part 1 :
DJ Hybrid (UK)


Please do NOT bring your own booze.
We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who does not respect this.
Don’t worry, the boat has a bar!

The boat leaves at 20:00 and boarding starts at 19:30, please be on time!


▷ DJ Hybrid (UK)

▷ Boj Lucki


▷ Tanker

▷ i.Spaceman

• 20:00 – 01:00 • Skeppsbro kajplats 104 • Boarding 17:30
• Tickets: 300 sek •

▷ 2022-09-03

10 Years of Back2Back Records Part 2 :

It is weird to think that we have been doing Drum & Bass parties for 10 years in Sweden. Starting off as a rowdy gang of party people with high ambitions of creating big raves and celebrating electronic underground music, we niched ourselves into the more bass-driven styles, and just after a few years, the DnB was the one thing that kept us going.

From an Open air rave to a small underground venue in the southern parts of Stockholm that we outgrew pretty fast to recurring nights every month at Slakthuset and raves all over Sweden and many places around the world, Back2Back proudly carried the torch together with those who solidified the scene before us.

The journey has been filled with great experiences, hardships, smiles, laughter, and last but not least, really good music, great new friends, and amazing raves! It is time for us to celebrate the 10th year of Back2Back Records, and to do so, we wanted to give all of you who made this possible throughout the years something extra special.

Part 1 is for all who wish to experience the more intimate version of a DnB rave. The one where only a lucky few will attend and where you can completely rely on that there will be only heads attending, this time with a very special booking from the UK.

Part 2 is one of our biggest bookings up to date and will definitely be one for the books. So get involved, book this into your calendars and get ready for 10 more years of Back2Back Records!

▷ The Upbeats (NZ)
▷ Back2Back Crew


• 22:00 – 03:00 •
• Slakthusgatan 6, 121 62 Johanneshov •


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